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Christmas Season

One week until Christmas!! I am very broke though so I'm making a bunch of presents for my friends and cousins. I got two of my little cousins into Doctor Who so I want to make a model TARDIS that slides open and they can play with (still working out technical difficulties) and another cousin I'm making Angry Bird puppets for so she can throw them around and beat them up.

Still sort of recovering from the shock of handing in my paper. I haven't received my grade yet but I am officially done with Grad school and this next year is the first year I'm not going to be enrolled in classes since I was four years old. Its a little daunting having actual free time and no school work hanging over my head. I am thinking about PhD programs and have actually talked to one of my Classics professors about it. He gave me a list of schools to look at and we came up with a plan of attack to make me attractive to  doctorate programs but I think I'm going to put that off for awhile. I need to not be in school, make some money, and get my feet under me before I pursue that further. Now I need to catch up on my television shows, make Christmas presents, and find a job in my field that might actually pay for me to get a PhD.  Good solid goals for now.

Anyway, as part of these goals I'm going to try to post at least once a day to LJ and comment whenever I read other people's posts. I need to work on not being a lurker and expressing myself verbally. Feel free to tune me out or reply or whatever. Merry Christmas everyone!

Finished. I actually finished

I'm done with my graduate thesis. I finished it. I am still completely in shock.

A year and fucking half I've been working on this thing, its always been hanging over my head and its DONE.

... I think I'm going to lie down now...

I want to be her when I grow up

A teacher in Georgia uses the television show Supernatural to help improve her students literacy. I definitely recommend watching the interview, I love the way she explains her project and the enthusiasm she shows for her students and the show! It also hits on all the reason why I love and adore Supernatural beyond all measure! This is such an amazing idea and I love that she is getting such positive results from her students!

She also has a book out and a website linking to everything about the project:



Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like all your responsibilities are sitting on your chest like a gigantic dragon, sinking in its claws and not letting go?

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Obsessed is such an ugly word, I prefer to think of myself as 'dedicated'

Breaking radio silence to bring you proof of my continued existence!  Behold! My shiny new Supernatural dvds (and me in a hat! The hat is cause I just came from the gym and nobody needs to see that mess)!

I did nothing today but still didn't manage to get to the store until about an hour before they closed so I had to ask the nice salesman to go look in the back because they're weren't anymore on the shelf. Apparently they only had three left! Good job fangirls! Emptying Target shelves at the speed of light!

Anywhoodle  random life update: We survived the hurricane intact, didn't get flooded but we lost power for a week THE HORROR.

I have been pretending to work on my thesis but in reality I've been working my way through seasons four and five of DOCTOR WHO and also reading this EPICALLY long HP fic called 'Saving Connor' that my friend recommended to me. Seriously, I've been reading this thing for a month now and I'm only up to book 5 OMG SO LONG. (Also a little tired and hyper right now, sorry for the random capitalization)

I also have thoughts on the new look of s5 Doctor Who which I will ramble on about ....later.......

(trying to avoid spoilers but Tumblr is UTTER FAIL at that so I have lots of half baked notions from all the sobbing going on over there. Be a relief to finally know what happens next week.)

Ok, I think I covered my rambling quota for the next month! How is everybody out there??

Hurricane Irene

is the only thing that has been on the news for the last couple of days. Parts of NY and NJ are being evacuated tomorrow and NYC is actually suspending the MTA.

Most of my family live in Staten Island and according to the news it's going to get slammed very hard by the storm. Some of my relatives are actually considering camping at my house for the next couple of days which is a sign of the Apocalypse in itself (hardcore StatenIslanders rarely leave Staten Island after all) so this should be a very interesting weekend.....

Keep safe everybody!

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We have the mother of all thunderstorms right over our house and every time it thunders my mom shrieks and jumps just as much as my dog does. I think she hurt herself running up the stairs.......

I probably shouldn't laugh, right?